The beginning of summer generally means lazy days, beach days, vacations to exotic and not so exotic places, and perhaps a summer job?! However, the past few weeks at Bentley University we have been fortunate enough to welcome many students from the class of 2018 to campus for Summer Orientation. This is when the student affairs staff and the Bentley community familiarize the newest additions to our community, and their parents, to the campus (residence halls, academic buildings, etc), the academic opportunities and support systems available and the variety of services now at their fingertips as official members of our community.  

What is Summer Orientation? Great question. It’s three days and two nights of workshops, group bonding, class selection, a residence life experience, and the opportunity to explore all of the facilities and services at the university. It’s almost as if we have our own version of summer camp that ends a bit too soon, with the promise of a reunion in just a few short months (also known as the beginning of the fall semester). 

Summer orientation is just the beginning, it reminds me of one of the many reasons why I love admissions. All of the hard work each of our new additions did throughout their four years of high school and the time we in the admissions office spent crafting the incoming class comes together for the first time. We get to celebrate our continued traditions here at Bentley. Our sleepy summer campus is vibrant again for six whole days. 

Thinking ahead - this could be you. A year from now once you have finished the arduous, but rewarding, task called the college application process, you could be one of the many we welcome to Bentley’s campus for the summer orientation for the class of 2019. Simple enough. My advice to you - when the application process becomes challenging or you become nervous about getting in, just envision yourself at YOUR Summer Orientation because even though the process can be a bit daunting your orientation is right around the corner and you too will be a first year college student.